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About us

The story of our family business began more than 20 years ago and the company has been developing rapidly over recent years.

Initially, our production line was specialized on roasting and heat treating of oily seeds, but with the progressive development of market knowledge and relationships, we have started to manufacture confectionery creams and coatings.

Looking for innovations, we extended our portfolio with bakery items 10 years ago and became Hungarian market leader in the crispbread, matzo (unleavened bread) and flatbread product categories. 

We have realized that nowadays, the consumption of crispbread is gaining popularity over traditional breads, as it is not only a healthy bread alternative, but also a great snack.
OUR AIM is to provide consumers with the highest quality products. We believe in living and working in harmony with nature and have adapted the business to use environmentally friendly production technologies.
WE ASPIRE to develop natural, high quality and tasty products, keeping in mind the eating habits of our health-conscious consumers that also meet the current trends and market demands.
IT MAKES US PROUD that we are a trusted partner of leading international companies, which have extended their portfolio with our innovative and tasteful products. With their support our products are available on the shelves of many European hyper- and supermarket, organic shops, drugstores and pharmacies.

Export to Europe and overseas