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Roasted seeds

Roasted seeds

Our story began many years ago when the scent of peanuts passed through our initial technology and filled every corner of the plant. Over the years, our heat treatment equipment has undergone many developments, so we are now able to roast a wide variety of oily seeds.

To date, we are sticking to the technological process of these snacks, as they are not only popular supplements for other foods, but also have many beneficial vital effects. Some seeds may provide an excellent basis for vegetarian diet because of their high protein content, while others may be important for patients or children due to their fatty acid content. They are also rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins, so they are always a great delicacy for those looking for a healthy snack.

But why are we roasting?
The unique characteristics of the seeds - the intense aroma, freshness and the perfect taste - can only be preserved with the help of the appropriate roasting technology. That is how we ensure that our super-snacks will crunch in your mouth with every bite!

Thanks to the heat treatment process, seeds which are naturally liable to rancidity can retain their taste, freshness and quality for a longer period of time, right up to the moment of consumption.
The oily seeds and foods that are spread with them - pastries, breads - are the favourite of many of us, because they are ideal for every occasion.

What has been in our portfolio so far…

Packaging options and what we have to offer:
- We prepare your roasted products in different shapes: whole, crushed and ground, according to your needs
- In our factory we can prepare flavoured creams, fillings and natural spreads from the seeds you have chosen
- Whether you are a wholesaler, bakery, catering or a small retailer / distributor of smaller packaging units, we will definitely find the right packaging for you.
- To preserve the freshness of your products for a long time, choose our protective gas or vacuum packing.
- Private labelled products: we work closely with you to deliver exactly what you want, according to your preferences. Preparation and processing always takes place after an order is given, so that all your specifications and special requirements can be taken into account. Design your own private label! → Just ask us for details.